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Bespoke Trustees operates in Italy as a sole professional trustee or in collaboration with other operators for numerous trusts.


Thanks to the strong know-how recognized within the market sector, Bespoke Trustees supports the Trustees in order to address tax compliance and other regulatory obligations. The service is frequently provided in favor of Trustees operating in foreign jurisdictions.


The role of the Protector has a fundamental function of connecting the sensibilities of the Family and the needs of the Trustee. Nowadays carrying out the task of the Protector, however, also means being in compliance with a constantly evolving legislation. Here, a professional Protector can be an ideal solution to protect Settlor and Beneficiaries, in line with the terms of the Trust instrument.


Bespoke Trustees, thanks to its network of professionals, can support the client who intends to establish a Trust in the entire set-up process and therefore in the choice of the most suitable governing law and in the drafting of the Trust instrument.


Thanks to its network of professionals, Bespoke Trustees can support the Trustee and / or assume the role of sole Trustee in order to reorganize the Trust instrument and / or to carry out the activities that lead to its termination, all in full compliance with the governing law and the applicable tax regime.

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